Affiliated to C.B.S.E, New Delhi
Affiliation No. 2132432

"Knowledge without ethics can't turn a person into personality"

Focusing on school's tagline "Indian Soch International Approach", we firmly believe that our student should be blunt enough when it comes to the RACE OF LIFE but should not sacrifice their संस्कार with the "PACE OF LIFE".

Sanskar Public school provides each of its student immense opportunity to excel and develop their personality by the specifically designed curriculum of school which includes co-scholastic courses like SANSKAR, SPOKEN ENGLISH & VEDIC MATHS, co-curricular courses like- ART & CRAFT, MUSIC & DANCE, INDOOR & OUTDOOR SPORTS, Morning activities like- ध्यान, योग व अध्यात्म.

School believes that each and every student is a blessing to us and making them important part of our lives can only make a change in them. For that we maintains teachers: students ratio in a way so that every student can be treated as an individual and apart from teaching, Our teachers can also become their mentors.

"Learning is a journey which can not only limited to only books 📚"