Affiliated to C.B.S.E, New Delhi
Affiliation No. 2132432


School is sprawled over 10 acres of land in the mid of the city of lord Krishna,MATHURA.

A 21 century infrastructure which is supposed to be completed in three phases. In the very first phase, school has immense areas like PHYSICS LAB, CHEMISTRY LAB, BIOLOGY LAB, COMPUTER CUM LANGUAGE LAB, DIGITAL LIBRARY, AV ROOMS, ART AND CRAFT LAB, DANCE STUDIO, INNDOOR ACTIVITY HALL AND ROBOTICS LAB (prospective).

School has huge sports grounds, basketball court, badminton court, green parks, volleyball court etc.

A seperate hostel for boys,girls and staff accomodation is projected for the second phase of construction which is supposed to be start from 2022.

The Physics lab is a spacious hall with the facility to accommodate over 40 students at a time. At SANSKAR School, we understand that the right set of equipment can help students to engage their minds on the subject in a better manner, which is extremely useful to acquire the necessary confidence in the subject. Our Physics lab is equipped with more than 70 equipment which assists students to carry out their experiments in a state-of-the-art environment. The various types of equipment that our Physics lab possesses are Rheostat, Bell Jar in Vacuum, Vernier Caliper, Meter Scale, Compass, Spectrometer, Lenses, Mirror, Prism, Resistance Box, Magnets, Tuning Forks, Viscosity Apparatus, Hooks Law Apparatus, Inclined Plane Apparatus, Ohm’s Law Apparatus, Parallelogram Apparatus, Speedometer, and the rest.

The Chemistry lab at SANSKAR School is a well-ventilated hall with the facility to accommodate 40 students. The lab is well equipped with more than 90 equipment including Balance (Electronic), Breakers, Burette, Tongs, China Dish, Chart Paper Bunsen Burner (Water Cycle, Oxygen Cycle, Environmental Structure of Atom, Nitrogen of Atom), Tripod Stand, Watch Glass Chemical, etc. We aim at instilling the right level of competence and proficiency amongst the students when it comes to increasing their knowledge about the world of Chemistry. This is the reason why we bring to them the latest equipment in our lab, providing a comfortable ambience to the students to easily carry out various experiments.

The Biology lab is designed in such a manner that it can easily accommodate 40 students together at a single time. With more than 90 equipment and specimens, our Biology lab provides the much needed practical knowledge and information to the students about the subject by increasing their interest and skills related to the area of Biology. The lab is fully equipped with all the advanced specimens as well as equipment that include Compound Microscope, Dissecting Microscope, Specimen, Hot Air Oven, Water Bath, Distillation Plant, Human Skeleton, Human Bone Structure Model, DNA, RNA Structure Model, Chemicals and Pressure Cooker, and the like.

School has well equipped lan enabled networking computer lab. The lab can accommodate 40 students at a time. The lab is used for preparing students by giving the students hands-on practice for subjects like Informatics Practices. Middle wing and Senior wing uses the lab for the understanding making of various computer programmes.

Understanding the magnitude of the importance that the English language holds in this day and age, we have set up a separate English lab which is equipped with the cutting-edge audio-visual teaching aids for easy learning of the language. The lab can accommodate 45-50 students at a time and is designed using the modern facilities and tools, so as to increase the overall English communication among the students focusing on aspects like grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation. The lab also helps in enhancing the English writing and speaking skills of the students along with developing well-balanced and interactive personalities for a better tomorrow

Our school has a state of the art, well ventilated, computerized library for SANSKARIANS, which is well stocked with a wide collection of more than 10000 books. This library has everything our kids want and consist of textbooks, reference books, fiction books (English and Hindi), General Knowledge books, guidance as well as counseling books, biographies, encyclopedias, magazines, and much more. The library provides the students well supervised individual access to a variety of resources, books and reading, information, and study materials. The school facilitates spacious and very well stocked open shelf library. With the facility to accommodate 45 students at a time, this library cum resource center is designed in such a way that students are encouraged to obtain the knowledge they need on a variety of subjects for their holistic development. In addition to this, the well-equipped library also stocks a variety of newspapers, journals along with computers and internet connection.

Equipment for audio includes speakers, microphones, acoustic panels, and an audio control system. Control “How do you want to control the room?” Control in an AV room is about managing what you display, where you display it, and who is heard. The equipment involved includes a control processor and the control panel.